Anacare natural cream is made from 100% natural active ingredients.

This natural formulation contains no steroids, lidocaine, parabens or nasty chemicals.

Anacare natural cream has been formulated to be a natural product using 100% natural active ingredients. Nature offers us a wide variety of ingredients that can calm, soothe, and relieve the symptoms associated with hemorrhoids and anal itching. Why use chemicals that have been synthetically manufactured in a laboratory when the ingredients direct from nature's store cupboard are just as effective.



Calendula or Marigold as it is sometimes commonly known is a plant with remarkable healing powers. Calendula has been used for centuries around the world to soothe and calm inflamed skin. Calendula helps to reduce the swelling as well as elevate the itching and burning sensation we experience with hemorrhoids and all other anal irritations.

Witch Hazel

Witch hazel has been used for hundreds of years. It contains high amounts of flavonoid tannins whose astringent properties can shrink the skin. This ingredient is recommended by the doctors to shrink painful hemorrhoids. Anacare cream contains only the best grade of witch hazel to shrink hemorrhoids, stop the bleeding from hemorrhoids and to stop anal itching fast!

Grape Seed

Grape seed extract is a powerful antioxidant containing a high percentage of proanthocyanidin polyphenol antioxidant. Antioxidants are used to reverse the effects of free radicals helping repair damaged skin and encouraging new skin growth. When we scratch itchy hemorrhoids we can often damage the delicate skin around the anus. This ingredient helps to calm the itching whilst repairing the skin.

Butchers Broom

Butchers broom has been used for many years for its ability to reduce painful swollen hemorrhoids. It does this by constricting the blood veins within the hemorrhoids, alleviating discomfort around the anal area, and providing rapid, long lasting relief. Butchers broom is a traditional and highly effective natural plant way to reduce the swelling and bleeding associated with hemorrhoids.

Sweet Clover

Not many people are familiar of the benefits that Sweet clover has to offer. Sweet clover has been traditionally used to treat conditions such as varicose veins and hemorrhoids for many years. When we develop hemorrhoids the veins within the hemorrhoids become strangulated and swollen preventing blood to flow normally. Sweet clover helps to increase the blood flow and therefore reduce swollen hemorrhoids.


Beeswax is probably natures best antimicrobial. The wax is natural produced by honey bees and mainly consists of fatty acids. These fatty acids are what make beeswax a great skin barrier. This natural barrier prevents bacteria penetrating the skins epidermis. This makes it an ideal ingredient for protecting the tiny splits in the skin around the rectum associated with anal fissures.  Beeswax is also a super anti-inflammatory to soothe swollen hemorrhoids.

Tea Tree

Tea tree oil is by far the most effective, fully natural, broad spectrum, antibacterial in the world. Since the anal area is exposed to a high level of bacterial activity, a powerful antiseptic ingredient is critical to prevent further irritation. Tea tree oil will soothe and cool anal itching fast!

Emu Oil

Emu oil has natural healing properties. It has been used for centuries by the Australian Aborigines for its high anti-inflammatory effects. This natural ingredient will soothe and reduce all types of anal discomfort associated with piles and haemorrhoids. Emu oil is also a transdermal carrier. In other words it carries the active ingredients through the skin thereby providing soothing relief to the dermis.