About Anacare

Relieve itching and discomfort associated with hemorrhoids, anal itching and anal fissures.

Take a look at why Anacare natural cream is

a great natural option to soothe hemorrhoids.

  • Very effective for calming anal itching, especially at night. Imagine a full, blissful night’s sleep without an itchy butt keeping you awake.
  • Anacare has a discreet pleasant fragrance.
  • A natural formulation that does not contain petroleum based ingredients, lidocaine, hydrocortisones steroids, parabens or added perfumes.
  • Effective relief for all anal irritations like hemorrhoids, anal fissures and all forms of anal itching.
  • Anacare leaves a natural protective barrier to prevent bacteria and sweat being absorbed into the skin in and around the anus. This will prevent further irritations and helps to give a full days relief.
  • Feel positive effects within minutes of application that can last all day with just one application.
  • Use as often and as required unlike some over the counter drug store alternatives. These often use lidocaine or steroids to mask the symptoms and should only be used for a few days. Anacare is different and can be used continuously to stop the discomfort caused daily by hemorrhoids, an itchy butt or the dry cracked skin caused by anal fissures.
  • Suitable for pregnant and breast feeding mothers. Hemorrhoids or anal itching can occur during and after pregnancy due to hormone change and constipation. Anacare has been developed for safe use during your pregnancy and whilst breast feeding. As with all products always discuss with your doctor before use.
  • Anacare has helped thousands of customers in the UK and around the world*. See some of the awesome testimonials here.
  • Available for sale on Amazon using their speedy fulfillment service.

So what are you waiting for ditch the itch today with Anacare natural cream. Get on with your life without the discomfort of hemorrhoids or anal itching.

*Results can vary from person to person