Soothing relief for itchy hemorrhoids with Anacare Natural Cream

Anacare's active ingredients are 100% natural to relieve itchy hemorrhoids, reduce pain and swelling and ease sore dry cracked skin in and around the anus

  • Relieves anal itching fast giving all day relief
  • Super effective for anal fissures where the skin is dry, cracked or split.
  • Quick calming relief for sore and itchy hemorrhoids
  • All natural active ingredients. No steroids, lidocaine or nasty chemicals.
  • Ideal for pregnant and breast feeding mums*
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Anacare natural cream is especially effective and safe for soothing hemorrhoids during and after pregnancy.

Developing hemorrhoids whilst being pregnant is extremely common. To find out more click here.

Anacare cream soothes itching, irritation and reduces swelling making your pregnancy more enjoyable. The special formula is gentle, natural and safe to use during and after being pregnant. You can also use Anacare natural cream whilst breast feeding. *As with all products discuss this with your doctor.


Ease the symptoms of hemorrhoids, an itchy anus, anal fissures and all other anal irritations the natural way.

Anacare Natural Cream uses plant extracts to relieve the discomfort and itching associated with hemorrhoids. Discover more by clicking here.

  • Calendula – Soothing properties to reduce swelling
  • Sweet clover – Increase blood flow to swollen hemorrhoids
  • Butchers broom – Reduce painful swelling
  • Tea tree oil – Powerful natural antiseptic to ease itching
  • Beeswax – Natures best antiseptic and skin barrier
  • Emu oil - Anti-inflammatory, fast transdermal carrier
  • Witch hazel – Shrinks hemorrhoids and stops itching
  • Grape seed extract – Antioxidant to repair damaged skin

* Results can vary from person to person.